Local Accountants Training

Local Accountants Training

Seminars and On-site support for Accountants

Our Sage Accountants’ Division Consultants are on hand to help. A flexible training programme is now in place covering everything your practice and clients need to know to get prepared.

It’s the biggest change to workplace pension law in modern times and a move that will affect millions of UK businesses. Many SMEs are currently unaware of the impact that Automatic Enrolment is set to have on their business, and so it is essential that clients are aware of not only the financial implications, but also the legal and administrative requirements that must be met in fulfilling the new responsibilities that Automatic Enrolment requires. Accountant hosted seminars delivered directly from your practice or a venue of your choice, let our experts guide your practice and clients through the Automatic Enrolment journey. Our Sage consultants will bring your clients up to speed on the new responsibilities facing employers, with topics covered to include workforce assessment, provision and Automatic Enrolment into a qualifying scheme, facilitating opting out and refunds, administration and record keeping. The aim of this seminar is to leave your practice and your clients, should you choose to invite them, feeling confident that they have a full understanding of the changes ahead.

Regional seminars for accountants

  • Delivered across 10 venues, our full day Automatic Enrolment seminars will guide you through the complexities of the new responsibilities, and present our Sage 50 Payroll solutions which will enable your practice and your clients to manage the Automatic Enrolment journey with ease. An introduction to Automatic Enrolment will be provided, with topics including:
  • An overview of the Pension Regulator’s role
  • Staging dates
  • Deferment
  • NEST Pensions

The practicalities of managing the Automatic Enrolment process will also be covered on the day, with a clear explanation of workforce assessment, the provision and enrolment of employees into qualifying schemes. Other topics to be explored will include liaison with the TPR and Pensions companies and penalties for non-compliance. Product demos of our Sage 50 Payroll solutions for Automatic Enrolment will also be provided on the day: Sage 50 Payroll: Auto Enrolment Edition. In addition to the basic features provided in the Auto Update, the product demo will also outline how the Auto Enrolment Edition includes features to help you prepare for the new pensions legislation and reduce the burden of preparation on your business. If you're a Sage Cover Extra customer you will receive this version as part of your contract, if you're a Sage Cover customer this can be bought as a usual upgrade.Sage 50 Payroll Pensions Module: We’ve got it covered. Our product demo will present to you how ‘Sage 50 Payroll: The Pensions Module’ will automate significant amounts of the additional administration created by Automatic Enrolment, therefore easing the journey from categorising the workforce through to administration and reporting.

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